Amnesty, Something The Public Is Clamoring For…, NOT

In the past, when I described how hard it would be to not be aware of some very well known current event, I used to say something along the lines of “You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about this”. However, these days, even as well understood by nearly everybody […]

If You Believe In A “Highway Trust Fund”, I Have A Bridge For Sale

I see that the federal government has noticed that it seems to be running out of money to fund highway infrastructure. Fortunately for us, the people who run our government are on top of this. As soon as it was brought to their attention that they were running out of funds to pay political graf…, […]

Anybody For A Bridg…, I mean Bicycle Path To Nowhere?

Continuing on this week with the topic of expenditures by local, or municipal, governments, I wanted to visit the “grant” thing. The reason that I bring this up is because it’s one of the ways local governments get away with wasting money on “wants”, while not doing nearly as good of a job handling the […]

On A Ballet, Is “Bonds” Short For Bondage?

Having recently written a fairly pointed column about how the people in Austin are busy working to vote themselves a lot more municipal debt, in the form of bonds, imagine my chagrin when the local city government where I live announced it was going to form a citizens committee to look into having a bond […]

Bond Election Mania

Recently, I spent a couple of days in Austin with, as one of acquaintances phrased it, the liberal hillbillies who live there. While I thought that was an amusing way to describe the politically “progressive” people who live in Austin, after those two days were over, I decided that comparison was unfair, hillbillies are a […]

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