The Devil’s In The Details

I’ll say one thing for Donald Trump, regardless of whether or not he ends up being the Republican nominee, he sure has made this campaign season  interesting (season may not be the best way to describe a process that has stretched into multiple years). And…, since a member of the media has pressed criminal assault […]

A Good Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Recently, I was at a political event where a candidate for public office talked about what an evil thing property tax is. The candidate in question said that for now we have to deal with property tax, because that is the system at hand, but at some time in the future, we need to come […]

Never Discount Reality

I’ll say one thing for some of the things that are swirling around the current race for the Republican nomination: Some of the people at the top of the Republican party don’t live in the same world with the rest of us. Personally, I wouldn’t have thought that John Boehner could have made himself more […]

Can We Prune The Tree Of Government…, Finally?

As a staunch conservative, one of the subjects that has come up several times in their election cycle (but not often enough as far as I’m concerned) that really interests me is the abolishment of government agencies. Personally, right off the top of my head, I can think of several government agencies, and not just […]

Fear Of The Unknown

I’ll say one thing for the Super Tuesday primary elections; one way or another, it sure settled the fate of a lot of politicians, and aspiring politicians. Or at least it did on the local level. For as long as I’ve been paying attention to politics, I can’t remember a time when there were so […]

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Bruce believes we have an obligation to the rest of humanity to preserve these things and make them available and attainable for all of the citizens of the world.

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Obamageddon, (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) by Bruce Kreitler is a close look at the current shape of our federal government after years of intentional social and financial abuse from politicians of both sides.