The More The Merrier, And The Better

So let’s see, going by attention given to candidates vying to be the Republican Presidential nominee, right now the field consists of Donald Trump, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump. As a side note, I do have to wonder what, if anything, the media is going to do or say about the reporter who said he […]

Whatever We’re Doing, It’s All For The Women

Recently I saw some video on the national news that grabbed my attention, because it brought back memories of something I had seen before. What I saw was the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, responding to a video which showed one of Planned Parenthood’s executives talking about “parting out” freshly killed babies for money. […]

That Wedding Cake May Taste Bad

I remember back when the Supreme Court first ruled on Obamacare. When Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding vote to pass it, a lot of the commentary was along the lines of “what a genius”. “This is actually going to sink Obamacare”. “Chief Justice Roberts is playing chess and he’s so many moves ahead of […]

Testing My Assumptions

Where to begin? There’s so many good subjects this week. Should we talk about Jade Helm (not really one of my issues), the pathetically small number that our army is being reduced to, Iran becoming a nuclear state, or something to do with the coming Presidential election? Well with all that available, let’s just start […]

Leave The Rungs On The Ladder Alone

It’s déjà vu all over again. The Barack, having had limited success in raising the minimum wage to thirty five million dollars an hour, or whatever amount it is he’s been after, is now taking a different path. First of all, before I go on, I want to wish everybody a happy, and safe, Fourth […]

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Obamageddon, (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) by Bruce Kreitler is a close look at the current shape of our federal government after years of intentional social and financial abuse from politicians of both sides.