Do Really Need More “Low Income” Housing? If So, Why?

Recently, a friend of mine wrote to a local (elected) government official and asked why exactly a particular project our city government is pushing is necessary. To give a little background, the project in question is a “low income” housing addition. While I personally have lived in places where the general income of the residents […]

Kathleen Takes One, Or Maybe More, For The Team

Well, I’ll say one thing for The Barack, he sure knows how to work the news cycle to keep people’s attention diverted from things with the potential to embarrass him. Of course he also has the willing cooperation of the press, which makes it a lot easier. For those of you who don’t think the […]

The Gifts Given The Children Are As Ashes In The Mouths Of The Fathers

Having had to recently sit through someone’s tirade against their father, I was reminded once again how our society is being re-orientated (for younger readers, orientate is a word we used to use when Orient meant a place in Asia) to be against, instead of for, work and production. Naturally that’s not how this kind […]

Inside Every Liberal Is A Capitalist Screaming To Get Out

Recently I’ve been reading the spate of stories in the national media concerning how Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s policies have turned that state’s multi-billion dollar (there is some argument about how many billions, but not that it was billions) budget deficit into a surplus of half a billion (or more). Of course these stories praise […]

Breaking News! Government Workers Just Discovered That Government Workers Are Expensive.

Recently, someone sent me a document purporting to break down the cost of a federal or state government worker versus what the same worker would, or did, cost in the private sector. As the original source for the information seemed to be the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which I’m going to assume is a […]

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