I Know What We Wanted, But What Did We Get? Part 1

Something I’ve longed believed in is the rule of unintended consequences. Basically, when we do things, especially social/political things, we certainly have intended results of those actions (else why do them), but there are always extra results that aren’t planned for, or “expected”. Having recently had some unintended results of what seemed a good intention, […]

Establishing Who’s Who

We got a lot of things out of the social and civil unrest of the sixties and seventies, and thankfully a lot of those “things” haven’t really stuck with us. On the other hand, some of the language has, which means a few of the concepts, or ways of thinking about things have become part […]

What Are The Facts, Ma’am?

Recently, because lately I’ve gone on at some length about such things as local budgets and fixing potholes (in other words, taking care of basic infrastructure maintenance), I’ve received a lot of feed-back, and some push-back, about those kinds of things. While the responses, questions, and comments I’ve been getting have been interesting to say […]

What’s The Matter With A Few Questions?

Something I’ve been noticing a lot lately is commentary which refers to politicians, or political candidates as “divisive”, disruptive, or some other description more or less meaning they won’t/don’t play well with others. Usually, this kind of thing goes along with another comment about how such behavior will interrupt the workings of whatever political entity […]

A Monster of Our Own Creation

The more I get involved with government, and the harder I push back against what I see as obnoxious, over-intrusive, and money wasting laws and regulations, the more I come to realize that “they don’t think like we do”. And by “they”, I mean people in government. I’ve commented plenty of times and in plenty […]

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