Stop “Helping” Me!

Well, here we go again. I’ve already commented on Ted Cruz throwing his hat in the ring as a presidential candidate, and clearly he started a trend. Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, and probably Rand Paul have also decided that they would like to be President. It remains to be seen whether Scott Walker and any […]

Obvious To All? Or Not?

Recently I was involved in a one-on-one debate, where the person I was debating actually seemed baffled by something I brought up, which surprised me. Since the subject that so baffled my opponent is one that’s near and dear to my heart, I thought I would get into it here. By the way, that debate […]

This Should Be Amusing

Well, one thing you can say for sure about Ted Cruz, is that he definitely knows how to stir up a news cycle. For the one person left in the free world (maybe living under a rock, in a subterranean, undiscovered world somewhere), who doesn’t already know this, Ted Cruz, the junior United States Senator […]

I Guess That’s A Fair Question

Recently, I had the experience of being interviewed by interrogatory. Since I wasn’t being sued, but rather the questions came from a local newspaper, and interrogatory being more of a legal term, that may not be the exact way to put it. For some reason it tickles my funny bone to think of it that […]

Who’s In Your Wallet?

Something I’ve written quite a bit about in the past is debt, more specifically, governmental debt. There are a lot of problems with owing large amounts of money, but probably the biggest one as far as government entities goes is that everyone of us is firmly on the hook for it. Of course, the government […]


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