This Time, The Oil Panic’s The Other Way Around

With falling oil prices being on people’s minds right now, and because oil, and the cost of it, is something that is so badly misunderstood, I thought I would explore this subject a little bit. First off, most of what the average consumer seems to think, and “know” about oil appears to be pretty tied […]

Some 411 on 911

You know, I would say that “due to current events, such as the riots in Ferguson Missouri, how the public and the police deal with each other is very much on our minds”, but frankly, even before events in Ferguson, this was already a fairly tense subject. Regular readers of my columns should already be […]

Congress Should Give Us “Nothing” for Christmas

I’ll say one thing for our current political/social conditions: there’s no lack of things to get worked up over and write about. Just for starters, we could talk about some of the events in Ferguson Missouri, while also taking some time to talk about one of the race-baiting, riot-inciting, despicable, tax-dodging, criminal…, (sorry, I meant […]

Somebody Has to Have Some Kind of Plan

Recently I caught part of a Sunday political show where Chris Wallace was trying to “take a bite out of” Ted Cruz’s suggestion for dealing with The Barack going forward.  Apparently, Senator Cruz suggested that after the new Republican majority Senate is seated, that they (the Senate) tell The Barack that no appointments, judicial or […]

The Same Old Spending Habits, Recycled

While I’m still hoping for the best from the results of the recent mid-term elections, while keeping in mind the Republican’s proven capability of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, right now I would like to look at a local issue, that has a lot to say about government in general. The topic I […]

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