The Same Old Spending Habits, Recycled

While I’m still hoping for the best from the results of the recent mid-term elections, while keeping in mind the Republican’s proven capability of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, right now I would like to look at a local issue, that has a lot to say about government in general. The topic I […]

Personally, I Thought The Message From The Mid-Term Election Result Was Crystal Clear

So let’s see, less than two weeks after the Republicans had a resounding win in the mid-term elections, taking over control of the Senate and increasing their numbers in the house, by decreasing the number of Democrats, it seems there are several lessons to be taken from this. In fact, it looks like both sides […]

A Really Good First Step, But Just a First Step.

Well, there’s certainly a lot to say about the just finished mid-term elections, but before I get to that, election night there was one thing that I just couldn’t stop laughing about. Much to my surprise, Katie Couric showed up, as a blogger, working for Yahoo! News. I’ve never been a fan of Katie Couric, […]

Are We About to Find Out How Militarized the Houston Police Department Is?

This is an open letter that I sent to the person who currently holds the office of Mayor in Houston TX, along with the booklet form United States Constitution I mention in the letter.   Mrs. Parker:   First of all, I addressed you as “Mrs.” Parker for several reasons. One, my parents worked very […]

Keeping Government Useless

News Flash! Now it’s really getting serious. The Barack actually cancelled a fund raiser! It seems that for some reason he has finally noticed the ebola problem and thought that maybe it’s time to hang around the White House and get some work done (do you suppose he heard a couple of waiters at the […]

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