A Glimmer Of Light At The End Of A Tunnel?

Living in Texas, one of the most conservative states in the union, we tend to think that our government here, both at the local and state level is always going to be pretty conservative. After all, leaving out such outliers as Austin, and lately Houston, a conservative government would well reflect the general thinking of […]

Dogs and Laborers Keep Off The Grass

Not very long ago, I wrote an article (where among other things) I made fun of Michelle Obama and how she claimed that somebody asking her to reach up and get something off a shelf for them at a Target store made her a victim of some kind of discrimination. I also pointed out that […]

Do You Want The Exciting Version? Or The Truth?

“So there I was, cruising along at fifty thousand feet, doing just under mach one, leading a five plane patrol squadron, one hand on the joy stick, the other hand poised over the master arm switch, my head down in the cockpit watching the instruments, when suddenly MISSILE LAUNCH! MISSILE LAUNCH! started screeching in my […]

Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along

Well, as right as I was forecasting what Obama would say in his State of The Union Speech, I have to admit he slipped in one detail that never would have occurred to me. I know large pools of untaxed money draw government attention, but I certainly forgot all about college savings accounts. Silly me. […]

Is The Next Step, “Papers Please”?

Several years ago, when I wrote and published Obamageddon (The Culmination  of The Progressive Looting of America), one of the points I made was that I wasn’t as concerned with state and municipal governments because those were more of a local issue, and as such, should be dealt with by the citizens they directly govern. […]


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Bruce believes we have an obligation to the rest of humanity to preserve these things and make them available and attainable for all of the citizens of the world.

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Obamageddon, (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) by Bruce Kreitler is a close look at the current shape of our federal government after years of intentional social and financial abuse from politicians of both sides.